Jolly Rogers - Meet the staff

Always smiling, aims to put a smile on your face too.

Gary - Owner & Proprietor, likes to help whenever possible and always has his staff and customers best interests to heart. Forever innovative to keep introducing new aspects to an ever growing business.

Elaine - Shop Manageress, Electrician, Technician, Programmer, Button Pusher, Firm but fair and will give as much as she takes, Always in the driving seat.

Rosina - Cashier, Passionate with the details, Protective about 'her' shift, surprisingly strong, enjoys to lift cases of booze.

Hannah - Part time police officer, Part time housekeeper, Part time babysitter, Part time pharmacist, Part time cashier, A full time part timer.

Tish - Cashier, On a mission to see which end of the candle burns the fastest. Loves most of the customers and what is edible in the shop.

Kate - Cashier, Currently studying music hoping to make a career out of it, intelligent young girl that is determined to get things done.

Nicola - Cashier, New addition to the staff but a great caring and hardworking member of staff.


Currently all job positions have been filled, thanks.

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